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Immulink stands apart from the plethora of commercially available mushroom extracts which are offered in ratios such as 2:1, 10:1, or 100:1, but leave the exact composition of the extract undefined. In contrast, Immulink is a true adaptogen, fortified with a minimum of 70% beta 1,3/1,6 glucan, and its safety and efficacy have been validated through numerous published, peer-reviewed clinical studies.

The hallmark feature of Immulink is its ability to regulate an individual’s immune response through a process known as biological response modification (BRM). BRM is crucial for a person’s overall health. The immune system can either decrease or increase its response based on various physical and environmental factors to protect the individual.

It’s a prevalent misconception that boosting the immune system is always required, especially during seasonal stress when the immune response merely needs to decrease instead of being enhanced. Excessive boosting can actually lead to the person feeling worse than they did initially.

Studies have revealed that Immulink boasts a unique ability to bolster a robust and harmonious immune response, which is essential in overcoming health challenges. Its potency stems from a multifaceted pharmacodynamic mechanism, including specific interactions with various cell surface receptors, such as CR3, dectin-1, lactosylceramide, and scavenger receptors. Classified as a biological response modifier, Immulink has been shown to enhance microbial defense mechanisms by activating monocytes, neutrophils, and other immune cells both in vitro and in vivo through randomized controlled trials. Consequently, Immulink can effectively stimulate both innate and adaptive immune responses

  • Scientifically proven, high purity isolates make Immulink superior than other commercial available mushroom derived ingredients
  • Patented manufacturing processes preserves active isolates for performances in consumable and skincare products
  • Simple & reliable quantification analysis to verify active isolates: beta 1,3/1,6-glucan contents
  • Never boost-A balanced immune system is the key to health & performance

Immulink’s continuous R&D is focused on delivering unparalleled performance while ensuring safety. The results show that the ingredient consistently supports immune health and promotes wellness, even under stress. 

We are committed to the best industry practice of remaining faithful to the science: We follow the evidence that indicates the immune health benefits available from medicinal mushrooms. We continues to engage in its own laboratory-based research and to work with major research facilities to gather more evidences on mechanism and effects of our proprietary mushroom extracts.

As a leading biotechnology company in developing proprietary mushroom extracts, we continue to engage in the best practice of continuing research by conducting clinical trials to investigate the health benefits of our products, with positive results backing the efficacy.


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