Currently we offer 5 variants of Immulink extract, readily applicable in specific products.

Choose the one that best suits your needs:

Immulink MBG Reishi:

Standardized >70% β-glucan extract from Reishi in soluble powder form.

Immulink MBG Lion’s Mane:

Standardized >70% β-glucan extract from Lion’s Mane in soluble powder.

Immulink MBG Antrodia:

Standardized >70% β-glucan extract from Antrodia mushroom in soluble powder.

Immulink SR (Beta Glucan) Powder:

Standardized >70% β-glucan extract from Reishi mushroom in soluble powder form for topical applications (skincare products).

Immulink MBG Cordyceps

Standardized >70% β-glucan extract from Cordyceps in soluble powder.

Delivery Formats

For manufacturers of consumer brands, we take pride in presenting Immulink as a functional ingredient with exceptional qualities. This water-soluble and pH-stable compound, which is also heat-resistant and certified organic, is suitable for a wide range of consumer products, from ready-to-drink beverages, snacks and bakery goods to standard tablets, capsules, and powder mixes. With its clinical validation and patented technologies, we are excited to work with your consumer brand to craft custom products fueled by the power of Immulink MBG® mushroom extracts.

RTD Beverages

Wellness shots

Granola & Snack bars

Protein Shakes

Capsules & Tablets


Skincare products
(Immulink SR only)

Ice pops